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1 October 2022 - by Tiago Zaniquelli


Hello, I’m Tiago Zaniquelli. I’m in IT market since 2003, I worked some months as support and soon after I entered the wonderfull development world, I worked for some companies and with some technologies. I tours good eighteen years of my live in development environment stayind until 2021. And in this time as developer yet I met a other passion the agility.
In the sequence, that is, since 2021 I’m adventuring me in the Information Security world, more precisely as AppSec, a wonderfull world too. Here in this humble blog I intend to tell about my professional experience in the past and too in this actual moment, to work with AppSec, after years development it has been a adventure. Must you be asking but why it is being a adventure?
Good, during of my developer carreer I had some problems with security people, kkkkk, and now I’ve kind of become one of them, hehehe, and why do I say “kind of”, because I’m yeat a Dev, I think like dev, and I to be in the Information Security ocuppation my target is to help the devs and the main to try show that the Security team and Dev Team can work together, it is needed a little of colaboration in both parts(yes more of Security team, kkk).
I think that! I hope to post something new soon!


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